What is SNMP?

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What is SNMP?
SNMP 是什么?

The full name of the SNMP is the Simple Network Management Protocol.
SNMP 的全称是 简单网络管理协议。

The SNMP protocol is used by network management systems to communicate with network elements or monitor the device on the network.
SNMP 协议是网络管理系统用来和网络设备通信或监控网络设备的。

For this to work, the network element must be equipped with an SNMP agent.
要使用它,网络设备需要装有 SNMP 代理。

Most professional-grade network hardware comes with an SNMP agent built in. These agents must be enabled and configured to communicate with the network management system.
大多数专业级的网络硬件都内置有 SNMP 代理。这些代理要启用并配置好才能和网络管理系统通信。

Operating systems, such as Unix and Windows, can also be configured with SNMP agents.
像 Unix 和 Windows 这些操作系统,也能够通过 SNMP 代理来配置。

Now the version of the SNMP are V1,V2,V3.
现在 SNMP 有3个版本:V1,V2,V3。

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SNMP 详细内容:http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc1157.txt


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